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Baumit NanoporColor

Baumit NanoporColor

(Ready-to-use, dirt-repellent, mineralic paint, based on sodium silicate for indoors and outdoors)

Protection and enhancement of façade surfaces over old and new mineral and organic substrates such as plasters and fillers, on concrete, in protection of historic monuments and refurbishment. Also sui

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  • Effect of photocatalytic self-cleaning

  • Highly resistant to dirt

  • Highly water vapour permeable


This product is a part of our Thermal Insulation System(s):


Baumit provides highly efficient systems with sophisticated high-tech products. All system components are matched to each other and offer 100% tested safety.


A self-cleaning effect is achieved through the application of a unique microstructure made from nanoporous and inorganic additives, which prevent dirt particles settling on the surface.

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