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There is more to getting the perfect decorative finish for your building than just choosing a colour. That is why, in addition to external house paint, we also provide a number of plastering and texture options to complement your building design. This enables you to think creatively about your external render, with options including smooth or textured finish, and various other plastering options offered by Baumit CreativTop.

  For a creative façade that's uniquely yours

For a creative façade that's uniquely yours

Anyone who appreciates the almost unlimited options of the Baumit Life exterior colour system will certainly be an avid fan of Baumit CreativTop. Exterior plaster, which can be used in various applications, can be coloured in 758 different shades. A range of grain sizes, from Max to S-Fine, allow for a truly customised render. Whether grooved, faded, fine pored, coarse grained or smooth – these and numerous other façade textures can become reality with Baumit CreativTop.


Open up a whole new world of exciting and unusual façade effects. Want to add an elegant metallic sheen or glittering grooved render to your building? Eye-catching trendy exterior house colours bring new dimensions to façade design and provide opportunity to express individuality, uniqueness and imagination. These designer coatings are ideal compliments to all Baumit renders, plasters and colours (except Baumit NanoporTop).

  High Design Metallic

High Design Metallic

Our range of high design metallic colour tones, mean that modern facade designs can attract attention whilst remaining stylish. Baumit Metallic provides unlimited creativity by combining different colour tones in order to achieve your desired effect. In addition, metallic pigments make this topcoat very weather resistant, which can be another major draw for this style of exterior house paint. High design with top performance.

High Design Metallic paint is perfect for:
   - Elegant glaze
   - Eye-catching decorative highlights
   - High quality imitation of metallic surfaces

Create a Vintage Look

Sometimes what you really need in your buildings appearance, isn’t to make it stand out, but instead, to make it fit in and match a certain style or renovating an older appearance. Baumit Lasur is a ready-to-use glaze for decorative external wall and façade designs. With its matt formula, this glaze is especially suitable for renovating buildings in an appropriate style, as well as for creating harmonious exterior renders for new builds.

Buamit Laur is perfect for:
- Beautiful matt finish
- Authentic façade renovation
- Perfect for existing surface imitation

Create a Vintage Look
  Highlight with Glitter

Highlight with Glitter

Baumit Glitter is perfect for anyone wanting to give their house exterior an extra special touch. The facade sparkles with a natural light and faces the world with an elegant lustre, but without being too ostentatious. Baumit Glitter creates unique special effect possibilities when it comes to exterior design, and opens up opportunities to give expression to creativity, uniqueness and imagination.

Baumit Glitter is perfect for:
- A unique sparkling effect in sunlight
- Decorative and exceptional render
- Discrete and luxury exterior paint colour

  Beautiful Protection

Beautiful Protection

Baumit MosaikTop is a thin-layer render for colourful plinth solutions which accentuates individual design features. It is ideal for use on ETICS plinths as well as plinth base coats. Baumit MosaikTop protects the façade from rain and mechanical damage, and is the perfect solution for providing protection to areas exposed to wear and tear.



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