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Baumit SilikonTop

Baumit SilikonTop

(Silicone-resin based finish render for external use.)

Ready-to-use, silicone-resin bound finish render (thin-layer cover coat) with rubbed or grooved structure for interior and external use. Water vapour permeable, extremely water repellent, dirt-resistant and versatile. Can be applied manually and by machine. Protection and design of facades on old and new mineral renders and putties, on concrete, for rework on organically bound putties and renders as a finish render for Baumit EPS and Mineral EWI systems as well as on renovation renders.

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  • Highly water vapour permeable

  • Low susceptibility to soiling

  • Dries with low internal stress

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Tipp 1: Mix containers with different batch numbers to avoid differences in shade.

Tipp 2: Do not apply in direct sunlight, rain or wind and protect the façade until fully hardened.

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